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Tanzania: Tales around the butcher’s shop of the general manager of the city


Dar es Salaam – Police in Dar es Salaam have arrested three suspects in an attempt to shed light on the gruesome murder of a street official in the city.

Kelvin Mowo, who was the general manager of Mbezi Msumi Street in Dar es Salaam, was massacred around 11:50 a.m. Monday while working on a dispute as part of his routine duties at his office.

When The Citizen visited the Mbezi Msumi Street office yesterday, a number of people were still entering and leaving the area, trying to come to terms with what had happened there.

“He died in a very cruel way that is difficult to understand,” Mbezi Msumi Street management team member said on the ruling CCM ticket Mr. Hamad Mawa.

He described Kelvin as a young man who loved his job and wanted to bring development to the region and end land disputes.

“He wouldn’t hesitate to ask me for advice whenever he needed it. He was loved a lot during the short time he worked with us here. I don’t know if we’ll find another person like him.” he said, adding that the murder would not have happened if there had been a police station nearby.

Recounting, Mbezi Msumi Street President Mr. Ismail Agustino said that on the fateful day, Mr. Mowo arrived at his office around 9:30 am.

“He came to my office and we exchanged greetings. He asked me to help him settle a dispute after a local complained to him that his steel bars were stolen at his construction site.” , he explained.

Before working on the issue, he said, Mbezi Msumi leaders received another case, this time involving illegal sand mining.

Mr Mowo, Mr Agustino said, asked the members of the Mbezi Msumi Street management team to go and work on the sand mining case so that the duo (Kelvin and Agustino) could proceed with the settlement of the stolen steel bar case.

“We had agreed to leave the office together and go to the site where the steel bars were stolen. But Kelvin said he first had an urgent report to make regarding the residents participating in the police. community.

“It was as we were coming back from the steel bar construction site that we received a phone call that many people had gathered at the office,” he said.

An eyewitness, Ziana Mohammed, said she went to the office to get a letter of introduction to take to the police so that they could report a theft that had occurred in her home.

Inside the office, awaiting a letter from Mr. Kelvin, four young men arrived who also wished to receive the services of the same person. [Kelvin].

After a while, Ms. Mohammed said, one complained that his turn was taking too long.

“At that point Kelvin let them in even as it appeared they had to wait for a lady who had informed them that she would be arriving at the office in ten minutes,” she explained.

Then suddenly one of the four hit Kelvin with a sharp object, causing blood to spurt freely around the office.

“After the incident, three of the four started to run away, but the one who hit Kelvin with a sharp object slowly walked away without showing any fear. I called for help but my blood pressure suddenly went up. increased, which made me pass out, ”she said.

An eyewitness, who preferred not to be named, said Kelvin was to work on a dispute involving land sold to two clients by a broker.

He said that the one expected by the four young men was a witness in the argument. Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone Commander Jumanne Muliro said law enforcement gathered information that it was one of four people who hit Kelvin with a sharp object .

“He died of excessive blood loss after the incident. We arrested three people in connection with the murder. The three would be thoroughly questioned. They would appear in court as soon as possible, ”he said.

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